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Life Coach | NLP Practitioner

Hi! I'm Varsha. Glad you're here.

I've always been interested in people and how we choose to respond & behave in a given situation. This passion for communication and behaviour has led me to the intuitive path of a Life Coach & facilitator.

My tailor-made experiential learning one-on-one coaching sessions & group training workshops help individuals dig deep into their own psyche, understand what they're good at, what could be a roadblock, what they strive for in life and help them realize their true potential and value. I help adults decode their mental barriers and enable them to make informed decisions. 

Every session is a learning experience for me as well. My diverse 8+ years of experience and my keen observation has given me valuable insights into the transformation process. My sessions have helped scores of people across all age groups from varied corporate and educational backgrounds uplift their personal and professional lives within a very short span of time.

Ultimately, when you're content with life on a personal level, your overall happiness and productivity multiplies!​


My Expertise & Workshop Themes:

Certified Corporate Soft Skills Trainer, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  1. Anxiety & Panic attack therapy

  2. Cleansing Destructive Thoughts 

  3. Conflict Management 

  4. Emotional Intelligence 

  5. Intra-Personal Communication 

  6. Visual Presentation & Storytelling 

  7. Relationship Management 

  8. Team Collaboration 

Consultation & Facilitation 


I have seen Varsha from day one of her journey as a Trainer and Coach and it is nothing short of perseverance, hardwork and commitment. Varsha is one of my best students and she is, without an ounce of doubt, one of the best trainers and coaches. Her training participants and coached clients have all given testimonials to this effect. Varsha is empathetic and she really understands people from their perspective. Her ability to understand patterns of thinking and her natural high EQ makes her a powerful speaker. She can create transformations be it as a trainer or a coach individually or in a group. I strongly recommend Varsha as a Trainer and Coach.

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